Friday, September 9, 2011

"Talking Toons with Rob Paulsen" -- Episode 14


Rob Paulsen, the extraordinary Emmy award-winning actor who gave us the unforgettable voices of Yakko Warner, Dr. Scratchansniff, Pinky (of Pinky and the Brain fame), Mr. Opportunity, 50% of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and countless others characters, has his own website where he posts an informative and funny podcast each week.  

In this week's episode, Rob tests the patience of his fans by inviting me to share the microphone with him.  Is this the tragic end of Rob's heretofore wildly successful podcast career?   "Toon in" and find out here.


  1. He's is cool...and so likable you wouldn't believe.

  2. Just listened through the whole thing - amazing!
    Thanks for sharing and for participating ;)
    *bookmarks Rob's page*

    I bet you have a lot of other things to do, but while you're at it... could you please also try to find out whether there's any plans for releases of the Animaniacs Volumes in other languages? :)
    That would be even more awesome!
    (Btw, Animaniacs also is running on Boomerang in Germany, currently :))

  3. I've sent off a letter to the head of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, so I'll try to follow up...

  4. Listening to Tom in the same room as Yakko, Pinky, Rapheal, Donatello, and tons of Hysteria characters... I now know the feeling that comes after winning the lottery...three times...while simultaneously solving world peace.

    Thanks for posting this. Really rare, awesome stuff.

  5. You knock that off, Chris. I'll get a fatter head than I already have.

  6. I just caught up in the Pod casts. I really enjoyed it! I hope I break into the animation business as you did! What an amazing story!

  7. Listened to episode 20 of Rob's weekly podcast (which answers that question) and he mentioned he doesn't play a musical instrument besides his voice (and the radio, lol). It would've been nice to see Yakko sing while playing the piano which almost happened in "Piano Rag" ("almost" being the key word). Still, I wouldn't mind hearing Yakko sing "I Love A Piano" (with piano accompaniment of course). I'd ask Rob myself, but I don't have a Facebook nor Twitter account.

    1. Sorry to sound like a fangirl in my earlier comment, being a "fanimaniac" and all. Anyway, I just posted in my blog weeks ago more on Yakko's ability to play piano. Here's the link:
      Shame we never saw Yakko singing while playing the piano on "Animaniacs" though.

  8. I was the one who made the comment on you Facebook account, Tom.

    It was a great podcast, Rob is always such a delight!