Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Animaniacs Temporary Tattoos #9

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  1. Since it's September 13, that must be Wakko's birthday present.

    WAKKO: Just what I always wanted! ...a blunt instrument to whack my brother on the head with!!
    YAKKO: @@h, what did I do to deserve this? Oh, yeah, besides all that stuff....

    Splang! Cranch! Wakko's red guitar came down on Yakko's head.
    Wham! Bash! Wakko's red guitar made sure he was laid up in bed.

    BRAIN: Hasn't there been enough death and destruction today? There is too much violence in cartoons.
    PLATO: If you're referring to my post on alt.tv.animaniacs, don't worry, nobody will see it. Anyway, this isn't a cartoon, it's just a website comment.
    BRAIN: Actually, I was referring to the mangled metre in that second line of the couplet.
    PLATO: Ooh, yeah, that is pretty bad. But posting something on the Internet is only temporary, right??

    -David "like a tattoo!" Green