Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock's Forgotten Film

In 1962, the great director Alfred Hitchcock was determined to come up with a film worthy enough to be the successor to his recent horror blockbuster Psycho.  He tried several different themes and titles, ultimately settling on the concept that became the movie entitled The Birds.

But before making that final choice, Hitchcock was close to convincing the powers-that-be at Universal Studios to green-light a similarly-themed film in which the female protagonist is attacked by forces even more unlikely than birds.   Below is one of the prototype posters for that proposed movie.

But alas, The Spoons was not to be.  Thankfully for moviegoers everywhere, Hitchcock sobered up, became obsessed with Tippi Hedren, and went with the birds over the flatware.

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  1. Heh... Almost thought I was on Rugg's blog...

    This makes me think of a piece by contemporary ragtime composer Max Keenlyside, called "Too Many Spoons!"