Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Animaniacs": The Goodfeathers

The Goodfeathers:  Pesto, Bobby and Squit.

The actors who provide the voices for Pesto, Bobby and Squit.  

Chick Vennera (Pesto), John Mariano (Bobby) and Maurice LaMarche (Squit). 


  1. I can see why these guys suited their roles well: they even *look* like mob guys, goin' by their last portrait in B&W ;)

  2. I love these three characters. I haven't seen the film Goodfellas, but I think I will soon. I watched the clip with Tommy DeVito ranting about how he was called "funny", and now I understand where Pesto's rants came from. And Chick was perfect for Pesto; he sounds almost like Joe Pesci.