Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Return of "The Huntsman!"

Huntsman’s back; now will he run for president?

Washington • 

After more than 18 months in Beijing, Jon Huntsman is back in the United States and weighing one of the biggest decisions of his life: Should he run for president?

Huntsman has officially resigned his role as U.S. ambassador to China and will in the coming weeks hold court with family, friends and close advisers on whether to plunge into a White House campaign.

Huntsman already has an experienced team, a pile of cash and a plan of attack awaiting him if he decides to run.  And for now, that’s a big “if.”

“You don’t pull the trigger recklessly,” says John Weaver,  the lead architect of what could be Huntsman’s presidential campaign. “We expect and hope and plan that he’ll want to have counsel from a wide variety of sources. And from what I know of Huntsman that’s his style anyway. Having said that, the car is built, and it’s ready for the driver.”

Huntsman's Horizon Political Action Committee, which is based in Utah and has been accepting donations for two months, could easily turn into an exploratory committee in June, and later, perhaps, a full-fledged campaign.  But only if Huntsman takes the dive.

Thus far, no comment from the creator of The Huntsman, writer/producer John McCann.  Of course, it is Mr. McCann who first wrote about the daring exploits of "The Huntsman" on the TV series "Freakazoid.  McCann also penned the catchy "Theme to the Huntsman":
Hunt, hunt, hunt 
He's the Huntsman
"  Into action"   is his cry
From the forest to the city
He will run there in a jiffy
To sock evil in the eye
Marty Feeb was a poor hunter
Hungry without dough
'Til the day he saved a chunky elf
From being eaten by a crow
The elf rewarded Marty Feeb
With a magic sack of corn
He gained strength and speed and shiny teeth
And as the Huntsman was reborn
Hunt, hunt, hunt
He's the Huntsman
He'll whip the pants off the bad guys
If there's an emergency
Sound the Horn of Urgency
And summon the Huntsman
"  Into action"   is his cry!

BTW, John McCann discusses writing, life, comedy, and many other entertaining subjects at his website... 


  1. "Mr. President, I've just recieved confirmation that the people want to see your birth certificate"


    "Darn the luck, darn!"

  2. I, for one, want Huntsman as president.

    "Sir, Ghadafy just unconditionally surrendered before our troops even left the base!"
    "Darn this slow period.....DARN!"

    His bad luck would guarantee 8 years of peace. How can you not vote for this guy?

  3. During his administration, may the Horn of Urgency remain ever silent.