Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were # 2 -- "Mixed Nutz" (2008) -- Part 6 -- When Boo Boo Met Bugs

Another image from "Mixed Nutz," the animated TV series concept that teamed up Looney Tunes characters with Hanna-Barbera characters in all new cartoons.  

Bugs meets Boo Boo in "Mixed Nutz," an animated TV series I pitched to Warner Bros. back in 2008.  


  1. Just read the story behind Mixed Nutz. Good gravy, that sucks. It's not uncommon in Hollywood either. I've heard this story before. They find the one guy who falls in love with their work, and then he's replaced without warning. The moral is to never believe anything you hear all the way until the finished cartoon is actually airing.

    This show would have kicked ass. I want to see the South Park parody so bad.

  2. Thanks Peter. Daffy as Kenny would've died each episode, which seems sort of appropriate.

    BTW, watched tonight's South Park with son Cody. It may have gone farther than any South Park ep to date. We were stunned by the HumancentIpad.