Saturday, February 26, 2011

"HISTERIA!" Animating Crew Photos -- #4

Scott Jerald's crew on "Histeria!"

Among the members of Scott's team:   Tristan Cole Roesch, Jerry Eisenberg, Bill Proctor, Joe Sichta...

Who can correctly identify these twelve accomplished artists?  

Scott and crew:  Chime in!


  1. starting at the top and going lt to two:scott hill, jerry eisenberg, next four: scott awley, robert harand, aj jothikumar, joe sichta,middle two: scotty j, bill proctor,bottom four: paul dilworth, jenny gase-baker, yvette espinosa, tristin roesch- cole

  2. If that is actually Jeralds, I'm going to concede victory to him.

    Bottom center woman is HOT! ....and probably married.