Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tiny Toon Adventures vs. Batman: the Animated Series

Both "Tiny Toon Adventures" and "Batman: the Animated Series" have won their fair share of Emmy Awards.  On a couple of occasions, the two shows wound up in competition for the same award.  After one of those skirmishes when the toons prevailed over the superhero, Bruce Timm drew up this beautiful piece, below.  

At Warner Bros. Animation ( and most other studios)  many artists would celebrate birthdays, holidays, major events, studio politics and other humorous moments of life by drawing up cartoons and caricatures of fellow workers.  Batman producer/director/designer Bruce Timm was and is one of the very best at these works of comic art, and his caricatures have always been brilliant.  His cartoons of Eddie Fitszgerald and Tom Minton were used as the initial rough facial models for Pinky and the Brain.  (We just added ears, white furry bodies and pink tails to Bruce's drawings of Eddie and Tom.)


  1. Fun artwork!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Funny that Tiny Toons won over Batman. Today. We are laughing at this seeing how Batman is the icon today than the Looney Tunes (and Tinny Toons). Now Batman seems to the face of Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes are struggling to be in the spotlight.