Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Merry Christmas from Pinky and the Brain"

                            Promotional art from "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas" (1995).  


  1. Cute.

    Not too long ago, I found the transcripts of when you and Peter role-played as Pinky & The Brain for a couple of AOL chats promoting the Christmas Special. Some funny stuff in there:

  2. Keeper: Thanks for sending the link! Glad to have a copy.

  3. Question: Pinky, What is your IQ
    PinkyKWB: POIT! It's so low I only have an "i"

    You two are quick-witted...many of these responses are clever enough that they should have been used somewhere on the show. If I had Internet access back then I would have asked Brain how annoyed he was to share the same backlot with Tia and Tamera.

    I also wonder who got the giant "Pinky and the Brain" neon sign shown in all the promos. I would imagine it was dismantled but it would have been one of the best mementos ever.

    "Pinky and the Brain Christmas" is one of the best Christmas specials ever IMO. I explained why here:

  4. Peter

    It's my understanding that the Brain was on relatively good terms with Tia and Tamera and he had promised, once he had taken over the world, to make them managers of the Burbank "Hot Dog on a Stick" franchise. He thought they'd look good wearing those red, white, yellow and blue hats.

    Love your piece on "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas." I have kept a copy of your wonderful review. Really appreciate it. So glad the special worked for you, that it touched you. That makes it a big success in my book.

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes of P&TB and I must confess that emotional moment at the end actually made me eyes water up the first time I saw it.

    I bought an Emmy screener copy of this off ebay back in the 90s and got it signed by Moe and Rob. It's one of the most prized possessions in my collection. Maybe someday I can have you sign it too, Tom.