Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiny Toon Adventures: Steven's First Emmy

In May 1991, "Tiny Toon Adventures" won the Daytime Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program."  Our executive producer Steven Spielberg was shooting his feature film "Hook" at that time, so a few members of the crew visited him on the set to present him with his very first Emmy Award.  

In the photo, from left to right:  me, during my brief beard phase, partially obscuring the view of our voice director Andrea Romano;  writer and co-producer Sherri Stoner;  of course,  Steven in the middle;  writer and story editor Paul Dini;  and directors Art Vitello and Rich Arons. 

And, in the background, pirates.  

Steven, Kathy Kennedy and Frank Marshall sent us the following telegram on the night of the Emmy event.   Telegrams were cool!  You sure don't hear much about telegrams anymore.  


  1. That's so cool.

    You should "accidentally" include that telegram in any pitches you make. "Oh sorry, that's just an old telegram from Steven Spielberg telling me what a great job I did..."! Heheh.

  2. LOL at the sight of you guys on that ship.

    Was that really his first television Emmy? He had done a lot of TV before then. Didn't "Duel" or "Amazing Stories" win anything?

  3. Yes, it was his first.

    When I handed him the Emmy, Steven told us that it was the first time he had ever held one.

  4. Rueggs, I didn't realize you had a beard phase. I think you may have been my long lost twin! Phails

  5. Ruegger and Dini and Pirates... oh my!

    It just doesn't get much better than this when it comes to photos. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

  6. My pleasure, Craig. Glad that you like it.

  7. Phails,

    Re: the beard -- Looks like I was trying to copy the boss.

  8. Lovely Emmy!

    Hey Tom,do you and Steven still meet each other every once in a while?

  9. Hi Tom I'm Laura! I'm from argentina, I really love your job :D

    actually I'm 19 years old, I grew up watching your greatest series as Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakzoid,Tiny Toons!!! :D

    I really love Buster Bunny x3

    I like drawing very much and someday I hope I can manage to be as great as you

    Thanks for all! Greetings from Argentina

    from: Laura :3

  10. Keep drawing Laura! Greetings from L.A.!

  11. Hey Tom, do you mind if we use this photo in our "Behind-the-Scenes" column at We're doing an article on Hook and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

  12. Christian...please use only if you state that the photo comes from my blog and only if you include the cartoonatics address in the corner, as shown above. Also, use only if you list the names of all the people appearing in the photo. Thanks.