Monday, November 22, 2010

The Last "Pinky and the Brain" Script: "Star Warners"

Here's the cover page from the last "Pinky and the Brain" script:  "Star Warners."  You can see that it was quite the group effort.  At the recording session, I asked the cast and crew members on hand to sign my script...for posterity.


  1. So you guys taped as an ensemble? I tried to have everyone sign my script for the show I'm on right now but the final record was so spread out I ended up missing the female lead!

    by the way, was this a "use the P&B budget to make one last Animaniacs cartoon" trick? I seem to remember it airing as an Animaniacs cartoon on Kids' WB but on the DVD (& here on the script) it's a P&B cartoon.

  2. Script completed August 13,, it wasn't going to air for 15 months. This was conceived closer to the re-release of the original trilogy....and it aired closer to the release of Phantom Menace (and re-ran the week Episode One debuted).

    This is a good a time as any to ask about a couple of the cameos in the cantina scene. I got most of them, but what cartoon did the shark come from?

  3. Frank's note is hilarious! What the heck is it that Nate drew?

  4. We always tried to assemble as many of the actors as possible for a recording. The performances and energy are almost always best when the actors can play off each other, respond to each other, react to each other. Also, the actors on almost all of these shows were good pals, and they really enjoyed hanging out with one another.

    "Star Warners" was made as the final episode of the "Pinky and the Brain" series that was ordered by Kids-WB. By the time it was ready for broadcast, Kids-WB was mashing our shows together, and I believe "Star Warners" appeared as one half of a finale hour for both "P&B" and "Animaniacs." The "Animaniacs" segments in that hour included "The Scoring Session" and "The Animaniacs Suite," both of which were awesome efforts by Richard Stone, the Bernsteins and the rest of the music crew.

    Peter: email me a picture/screen cap of the shark and I'll see if I can place it; but it might be a visual reference to Steven's mechanical shark "Bruce" from "Jaws."

    1. Where can I watch Soda Jerk and the remaining episodes not on YouTube yet online without any downloads? By the way, I would LOVE to see The Scoring Session online on my Kindle Fire or computer...

  5. Keeper: Yeah, Frank is awesome.
    I will get back to you on Nate's signature. The "T" seems to be some sort of animal.

  6. Aww you have so many great sentimental treasures ~_~

  7. As an Actor, I frequently write blocking (Movement around the stage) and changed around the scripts. I was wondering if the writers would also write little blocking notes or ideas where the character will be.


  8. I would pay for a photocopy of this. Thanks for sharing it with us, Tom!

  9. Craig:

    Just download and print...use good quality photopaper and it'll last longer than the original!


    The script was/is very detailed, with a great deal of direction as to the action and staging of the characters.

    The animation director (Rusty Mills) and story board artists then interpreted the script according to their own vision -- and in this case, their vision was 20-20. It's a great episode!

  10. This is great stuff, Mr. Ruegger.

    My name is JerRocks2day. Have I introduced myself before on your blog?

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  12. I love this episode Tom. It was great and funny. And when I watched "The Animaniacs Suite", I honestly felt sad. I can imagine there were a lot of tears on the last day.

  13. Thanks for posting this. From the looks of this, you all worked wonderfully together. It must have been a privilege to do these shows; I know that you all care deeply about your craft.