Sunday, October 24, 2010

Platypus Duck

I have been drawing cartoon versions of duck-billed platypi since 1975, when I started working on my first animated film.  It was called "The Premiere of Platypus Duck."  

The playtpi pictured below are among the absentminded "Platypus Duck" doodles that I've drawn over the years.  


  1. nice

    Platypus Duck meet Perry The Platypus

  2. Ruegs,

    "Platypi? Platypuses?" That is the questtion that's been bothering me ever since 1974 and the 4 floor of Fayerweather.

    P.S. Will we see you at Homecoming this weekend?


  3. If memory serves me...
    Didn't Platypus Duck appear in an episode of "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo"...?


  4. Those are so cute. Do you use construction when you draw? Or do you just free hand eveything? If you freehand, it's probably the best freehand I've ever seen.

  5. Hey Phails!
    I think the correct dictionary plural is platypuses -- but I'm going with the hippopotamus plural.
    No trip east this weekend...sorry. Please raise a glass to the new Phi Palace for me.
    Saw Mike Pappy Paplow two weekends ago along with Speedy Parker well as Scotty MacFarlane's daughter Hannah who is now working in Los Angeles. We reminisced about you are a legend!

  6. Thanks Luke
    they are free hand doodles/sketches
    usually start them by drawing rough circles

  7. Lud
    You are right -- Platypus Duck made an appearance in the comic strip episode of "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo." He was voiced by Howard Morris. The overseas studio didn't paint the character correctly, so I've never much cared for that episode.

  8. Believe it or not....

    ...the correct term is "Platypods." Which absolutely NOBODY on Earth uses.

    I prefer "Platypi."

  9. Peter
    That is fantastic!
    I have never heard that!
    Thanks very much for the info!

  10. Actually, platypods are mollusks. Peter means platypodes, just as octopodes is the technically correct plural of octopus.

  11. Oh, and the reason it isn't platypi is that, as in octopus, the word is derived from Greek -- not Latin.

  12. what what a smart group!! Very impressive.

    I think the fact that I call the character Platypus Duck puts me back in the remedial class.

    More than one of them would be several Platypus Ducks!

  13. I'll skip the technicalities and call them cartoons :D.