Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

"Tiny Toon Adventures" began to play...

                                                                                                     Tiny Toon Adventures (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.


  1. Thanks Tom, now I feel old...

    But it's only fair. I interned under Larry Whitacker once & he drew me some Buster & Babs when I told him I was a fan. Then I made the mistake of telling him I used to run off the school bus to see the show.

    LW: wait... HOW old were you when Tiny Toons came out?

    Me: um... about 6.

    LW: At the peak of my career you were 6 years old?!?

    We was cool about it. But now I feel old & I'm sure he's thanking you. :)

  2. There won't be another show like this one. Congratulations on 20 time, Tom.

  3. I still remember rushing home from school to my pal's house to check it out. We were in high school. Smokes and beers and afternoon cartoons. Ahh, the life of a teenager.

  4. They never went in and out of style.

    They were guaranteed to raise a smile.

    So may I introduce to you, the cartoon you've known for all these years!

    Sgt. Ruegger's Tiny Toons Club Band!

  5. Yeah, those were the days.
    Surprisingly, we were at the office working on the show...some with beers and cigs as well! (Not everyone, but a few!)

  6. I didn't start watching until November of that year so my personal anniversary is later on. It really was the peak of afternoon syndication. Someday I'd like to see someone, anyone, attempt a 65-episode season of anything again.

    Ironically that cel is from Season 3 -- Wang's style had changed somewhat by then.

  7. Hey I have a request...
    Could you tell us a bit about the makings of Wakko's Wish and How I Spent My Summer Vacation?

  8. I wish this was still airing... It's almost impossible to get the German episodes, as there's no DVD release. Same with Animaniacs -.-'

  9. It was a good office for smokers - kinda like Vegas only with cartoons.

  10. awesome! i used to love this show, certainly no cartoon on tv today like Tiny Toons.

  11. ...Wow, I totally wasn't even born yet.