Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Slappy Squirrel Animation Smear -- "Bumbie's Mom"

Here's a beautiful animation smear of Slappy Squirrel from Jon McClenahan, Barry Caldwell and the Startoons crew in Chicago.  

The series:  Animaniacs.  The episode:  "Bumbie's Mom."  

At the local multiplex, Slappy's nephew Skippy is enjoying the movie -- "Bumbie" -- until there's an onscreen gunshot and it appears that Bumbie's mom has been killed by a hunter.  Skippy burst into tears, waking Slappy from a sound sleep and resulting in the one frame Slappy smear featured below.  

Spoiler Alert:  The episode has a happy ending.  

Startoons's brilliant creative team animated and produced many of the very best Slappy and Skippy Squirrel cartoons during the entire Animaniacs run (1993-1998).   The Startoons Slappy cartoons include:  "Slappy Goes Walnuts," "Guardin' the Garden," "Critical Condition," "...And Justice For Slappy," "Scare Happy Slappy," "Soccer Coach Slappy" and "Bully for Skippy," among others.   All feature the brilliant voice performances of Sherri Stoner as Slappy and Nathan Ruegger as Skippy Squirrel.  And many of the Slappy cartoons are written by Sherri, as well as John P. McCann, Earl Kress, Nick Hollander, Nick Dubois and me...   


  1. Mr. Ruegger, How are you able to show these animation cels on your blog? (I ask this in curiosity and complete nervousness.)

  2. Hans Christian BrandoFebruary 16, 2021 at 6:11 PM

    "Bumbie's Mom" is just one example of the brilliance of the original "Animaniacs" which is impossible to recreate, no matter how much of Mr. Spielberg's money has been thrown at a reboot.

  3. I miss Slappy. I do hope to see her in the reboot. I grew up on Startoons animations. I even started work on a portfolio so I could apply as an inbetweener. Sadly, the shows weren't renewed...until now! ƨʞnɒʜT !ƨɘbɒɔɘb ɿoʇ ɘm ϱniɿiqƨni nɘɘd ƨ'tI .moT ,ʞɿow ɿυoγ ɘvo⅃ Gruesse!