Friday, October 14, 2016

THE 7D -- New Episodes

New "Disney's THE 7D" episodes airing this coming weekend include:  

Written by Paul Dini.  Directed by Alfred Gimeno.  
And guest starring Weird Al Yankovic as the nefarious arch enemy facing off against Lotta Glamour (Queen Delightful), Agent Bash (Bashful) and the entire 007D team. 

And yes, Hildy and Grim get in on the action as they collaborate with "Shapeshifter."

"There's A Monkey In My Hat" 
Written by Deanna Oliver and directed by Alfred Gimeno.

When Squire Peckington goes on vacation to Toucancun,  Queen Delightful gets an alternate animal advisor in her hat -- a monkey named Nanners.  Soon, all the citizens of Jollywood want a monkey is their hats, leading to chaos complicated by Hildy Gloom masquerading as the monkey advisor in Queen D's crown.

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