Monday, September 14, 2015

Silver Anniversary: "Tiny Toon Adventures"

Greetings Toonsters!  

"Tiny Toon Adventures" premiered on Friday night, September 14, 1990 -- 25 years ago today!

It began its daily weekday run on the following Monday, September 17th.

Thanks to all who made "Tiny Toons" happen.  

There's a book in this adventure.  Until then, enjoy a few visual memories...

"Tiny Toon Adventures" pep rally, Warner Bros. lot, 1990.  

"Tiny Toon Adventures" at the Rose Bowl parade, 1992 (above).  And below, a pre-internet visit to the bizarre.   


  1. Happy 25th Anniversary to one of the greatest cartoons of all time!

    I even drew something special for the occasion.

  2. I didn't get to see this show anywhere near as much as I wanted to, which is a shame... but the rainbow coloured rings are very striking to my memory! I remember thinking they looked like sweets as a child.

    Congrats, Tiny Toons! Loving seeing those cel shots, I have a real soft spot for cel done animation.

  3. Noticed one of the Wang Film cels in this thread. I never cared for that odd loose/thick line look they gave those episodes, it reminded me of Bakshi's Mighty Mouse series for obvious reasons, still it took a while before that look got more solidified on another familiar show.

  4. Is there really going to be a book about Tiny Toons?

  5. I think a revival in some form is in order to cement it as a franchise. I understand that DC revives comic book characters now and then in order to keep the property and its value. I don't kow if that's true or if it works that way with TV characters, but that might be a good pretext
    The other day somehow I remembered a bit of incomplete Tiny Toons trivia and I was left wondering. Since I'm here already, I'll ask: In "Going Places", the teacher is an old lady instead of a popular Looney Tunes characters. Do you know her name by any chance??
    I remember I happened to catch the same character in an old Merrie Melodies back when I was a kid, which, I suppose, I found odd as a kid and I guess that's the reason I somehow remember this really obscure trivia.

  6. The character to which you refer (caricatured in "Merrie Melodies" and "Tiny Toons") is based on the 1930s screen actress Edna Mae Oliver.

  7. I was thinking "what a character" the whole time before getting to the end of this short about her.
    From what I saw, she kind of over does the accents and the drama, yet she feels brutally genuine at the same time. Loved her.
    Making her a Tiny Toon teacher is still very odd. I can imagine Edna had a fan among the writers.

    -(Still Rafa Rivas, but with other account)

  8. Yo, Tom! Thinkin' of interviewing you, so could ya hand me your e-mail address?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Tom-
    Can you please give me your e-mail? I'm thinking of doing an interview with you.

  10. Hi Tom. If you don't mind, I would like you to take a minute to read this.

    My name is Richard Riley, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a huge fan of Tiny Toons.

    A couple years ago, after I watched Tiny Toons for the first time since my childhood, I came up with a hobby of writing Tiny Toons fanfictions & posting them online. So far, I've written 8 Tiny Toons fanfics. A lot of people really like them & even want them to be real. And I wish to make them real as well. I've been dreaming about the day Tiny Toons would come back & shine once again. And I want to follow my dreams & make them real.

    My first fanfiction is called A Special Tiny Toons Christmas, and it's focused on my two favorite characters: Furrball & Fifi. The story is that Fifi breaks up with Hamton when she finds out he's cheated on her, and this left Fifi heartbroken. Furrball saw everything that happened & feels very sorry for Fifi. He wants to make her happy again. And in the end, they both get what they've always wanted; Furrball gets a home, moving in & living with Fifi, and Fifi gets a new boyfriend, which is Furrball.

    I've always loved seeing Furrball & Fifi together in a relationship. In fact, if Fifi's smell didn't break loose all the time, they would've been a wonderful couple. And I do think they fit perfectly together. It's because there's chemistry between the two of them. When I see Fifi with Hamton, I don't see any chemistry between those two, because I felt like their relationship was forced. As in, with Buster, Plucky, and Hamton being the three male leads, and Babs, Shirley, and Fifi being the three female leads, they're supposed to be together. It works with Buster & Babs of course, and Plucky & Shirley has some chemistry, but I don't get that with Hamton & Fifi. I felt like they were forced to be together, therefore, there is no chemistry.

    With Fifi & Furrball, however, there is chemistry, because the moment I watched the episode Aroma Amore, that's when I knew they were meant for each other. For one thing, they're exactly like Pepe Le Pew & Penelope, they got together eventually. But the one moment that showed me that Furrball & Fifi were meant for each other was this: when Furrball got rid of the stripe on his back & sees Fifi walking away crying, Furrball started crying too. That showed me that Furrball does have feelings for Fifi, that he understands what it's like to want something for a very long time & never get it. Fifi wants a boyfriend as much as Furrball wants a home.

    I would like to follow my dreams of my Tiny Toons fanfics becoming real. I want to make an attempt at making A Special Tiny Toons Christmas into a movie. It doesn't have to always focus on Furrball & Fifi. There are other side stories to add, like Buster & Babs spreading Christmas cheers around Acme Acres, and Elmyra being her usual self & "loving" other animals, and Shirley choosing to go to the Christmas Dance with either Plucky & Fowlmouth. And the opening scene can be Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck coming across the ruins of Acme Looniversity, which closed down after Tiny Toons ended, and they go in to explore, and they get nostalgic & decide to re-open Acme Loo & reunite the Tiny Toons.

    I know this would make a great movie, I can feel it. I want it to be fully recognized so that it can grow & bloom. But, I can't do this by myself. I want as much help as I can to make it happen. I do not want to see my dreams die, especially if it's something to do with my childhood. I want to bring back Tiny Toons, one of the greatest cartoons ever made, and I want to turn my fanfictions & my dreams into reality. If you can help me out with this in any way you can, I would be really, really happy. It would move my dreams one step forward to becoming real.

    Richard Riley

  11. September 14.2016 Will Be The Anniversary For Tiny Toon Adventures. Tom Did You Read The Comments I Wrote Up On Your Blog About Rob Paulsen. Tress MacNeille. Jess Harnell. Bernadette Peters. Maurice LaMarche. Sherri Stoner. Plus I See That You Also Got To Work With Charles Adler Too. Congratulations On The Next Cartoon That You Make. I Have Tiny Toon Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation On VHS. Plus I Hope That You Have A Great Weekend. Tiffany

  12. Nostalgia Critic:"Catherine ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAA Jones!"

  13. We miss Tiny Toons. Greetings from Argentina.