Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping you have a great 2015!

Happy New Year 2015 from Big Fat New Year's Baby and Father Time -- "Histeria!"


  1. 12/29/14 Wrote:
    Anyone for a 7-D styled big fat baby dwarf? Make The Glooms the unwilling baby-sitters while you're at it. What could Father Time do with two incompetent witches/sorcerers like The Glooms?

  2. Mr. Ruegger, I have a question for you concerning Pinky and the Brain. The theme song includes the lyrics "One is a genius, the other's insane." The lyrics, however, are a little vague on which is which. At face value Brain would, of course, be the genius, and Pinky would be the one who's insane. The point is that I've heard fan theories that Pinky is the real genius and Brain is the one who's insane. Episodes like "That Smarts" or "Pinky's Turn" pretty much pointed towards the latter. My question is whether it was intentional or not for that to be taken either way?

  3. Anyone can take anything any way they want.
    But that doesn't negate the fact that
    The Brain is a genius, and Pinky's insane.

    1. Babs Bunny is based on Bugs Bunny?

  4. Road Rovers is being released on DVD. Is this real or some kind of sign of the Rapture?

  5. MR Ruegger. I Watched Animaniacs On The Kids WB And Cartoon Network. I Also Bought The Movie Wakko's Wish. Huge Fan Of Rob Paulsen Tress McNeille And Jess Harnell. If You Talk To Them Tell Them Great Job Being Yakko Wakko The Brain And Dot Voices. I Use To Have The Animaniacs Coloring Book. Toys And I'M Happy That There Is Comic Books Too About Animaniacs. Tiffany.

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  7. John -- most of your questions have been answered elsewhere in various posts and interviews