Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Tiny Toon Adventures" Volume 3 on DVD: January 8, 2013

At last...some forward progress on the release of more Tiny Toons to DVD, including Baby Plucky's premiere in "The Potty Years."   Coming January 8, 2013, volume 3:  


  1. Just a correction; "Potty Emergency" is an Animaniacs episode. "The Potty Years" is the title of the first TTA episode with baby Plucky.

    I'm looking forward to this release since it has my favorite Tiny Toons episode, "The Amazing Three", from the Love Disconnection episode. I once told Byron Vaughns how much I enjoyed that episode and he told me he had fun making it.

  2. I'm really looking forward to the DVD release. I hope that the rest of Season 3 and the specials will eventually get released too.

  3. Matthew -- yes of course you are right. I made the correction above (Originally, this post referred to "The Potty Years" as "Potty Emergency" -- my late-night screw-up! Thanks Matthew for the heads-up.

  4. Yay! Tiny Toon Adventures, like Animaniacs, Freakazoid and Pinky and the Brain is something you can be really proud of, mr. Ruegger. I discovered all of those relatively recently (a year or so ago), and while I'm 20 years old I still find the humour to be highly varied and fun even for a "big kid" like me. :)

    Unfortunately, it may look like they decided to leave out one episode, "Elephant Issues", just because one of its parts called "One Beer" caused some controversy. I think that is utterly ridiculous since it showed kids the bad consequences of drinking alcohol and did not endorse it in any way (the sign "Now leaving sanity" was utter genius). Even Disney released for instance a Goofy cartoon depicting him trying to quit smoking, without managing to do so, so this is frankly cowardly by whoever decided to leave "Elephant Issues" out.

    Anyway, please keep doing what you do best: crazy humour balanced well so both kids and adults alike can enjoy it. :)

  5. This is exciting news, I just need to buy the first two volumes, and this one now. I only have bought a few episodes from iTunes so far. Is there any chance we might see improved video quality?

    How is production on the new 7 Dwarves show for Disney going? If you're allowed to comment. =)

  6. "Thirteensomething" is one of my favorite half-hours of TV of all time, and I'm very grateful to finally have something better than my old VHS taped off Fox.

    I would argue with you, Magne -- "One Beer" was so absurd and over-the-top there was no way it was serious. That's what got the cartoon banned -- it's really a bunch of drunk jokes disguised as a "special issue" short.

    Actually if Tom ever wants to comment on "One Beer" and exactly what the motive was, I wouldn't mind.

  7. Perhaps you're right. But still, why leave it out? Even though alcoholism is a serious issue, there really isn't anything more silly than someone who's drunk. I have a feeling the cartoon might have hit too close to comfort for some parents...

    Even so, at the end of the cartoon they showed it was all acted out to show kids possible bad consequences of drinking. They made a big stink out of themselves towards the girls, and being out of their minds they even stole an unlocked police car and drove themselves to death. Sad thing is, this isn't that far-fetched, and I'm sure there are plenty of real-life examples to draw from. So even though it is over the top, I'd guess the educational value of this is higher than just telling a small kid that alcohol is stuff for grown-ups.

    But I do agree that "Thirteensomething" is a piece of real craftsmanship. Excellent story, music, animation and everything else going with it. I did feel like Buster was talking like me when dissing the garbage shows unfortunately many girls seem to gravitate to, but also it shows even those may still see how empty and hollow they are. ;)
    It may be the episode I've seen the most times, at least from season 2.

  8. Wow it's about time! Even the cover art is nice this time, though Dizzy looks a little out of place. Let's hope they do some digital clean-up or whatever instead of just quickly transferring 20 year-old tapes.

  9. Hey folks, and mr. Ruegger, a sudden outbreak of common sense! They will include the episode 'Elephant Issues' after people made it loud and clear they want the complete set. Source:

  10. Great News:
    Tiny Toon Adventures - Missing episode, 'Elephant Issues,' to be included! ***Updated***

    Posted by Gord Lacey

    Last week we brought you the exciting news that Warner Bros would release Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 3 on January 8th, 2013, but there was one downside - an episode, "Elephant Issues," wouldn't be included in the set. Well, we received some excellent news late last night; the episode has been cleared, and will now be included in the set. Woohoo! We assume the set will now have 17 episodes instead of the 16 that were announced previously (an updated press release will be going out shortly, we just didn't want to wait to bring you the news).

    *Update*: Warner has confirmed the set will contain 17 episodes. Here's the new breakdown of the 2-disc set:

    Disc 1
    Pledge Day
    Going Places
    Elephant Issues
    Hog-Wild Hamton
    Playtime Toons
    Toon Physics
    Acme Cable TV
    Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian

    Disc 2
    Henny Youngman Day
    Love Disconnection
    Kon Ducki
    Sepulveda Boulevard
    Take Elmyra Please
    New Class Day
    Fox Trot
    What Makes Toons Tick

    Note from the Editor: Does anyone else think Warner Bros completely rocks? It's so great when a major studio pays attention to what the fans want and tries to deliver. It was a bummer that the set was announced without "Elephant Issues," but the studio listened to the feedback and worked hard to get the episode included on the set (and they did it all in a week!). Bravo, Warner Bros.

    Taken from:

  11. Me & my fiancé contacted WB first about the missing episode and spread the word via our fan clubs and forums. Looks like it paid off.

  12. Thanks Mr Ruegger.

    There's also the second baby Plucky episode on too, "Going Up" during "What Makes Toons Tick".

  13. Good news indeed !
    Glad to see that WB has came out their old catalog on dvd/bluray; not only the nineties shows, but also the classics Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies. But it's too bad that's not sold in Europe.

  14. Tom,

    My wife and I are HUGE fans of the Animaniacs. We've even learned that states and their capitals song. That show was a staple of our youth. I was just wondering if I could maybe get a signed picture from Yakko Wakko and Dot, or Pinky and the Brain. I wouldn't mind sending you a self addressed stamped envelope and any cost it would be to you. My address is 7970 cates cove #201 Cordova, TN 38016.

    Lifelong fans, NARF!,
    Stephanie + Albert


  16. Hi Tom,

    Love the blog! I loved watching Tiny Toons and Animaniacs when I was a kid. There's something about Tiny Toons that always irked me, though. Now forgive me, this is my 1992 era, 10-year old brain at work and I may have been imagining this. Throughout the episodes, the animation style seemed to change. I remember seeing certain episodes where Buster had this bouncing movement, like a rubber band...or a kid with ADHD. I am pretty certain this wasn't always the case, because I could point out the style when it came on.

    After a quick YouTube scan, I found a couple of examples (and gave a sigh of relief because I knew I wasn't crazy):
    Episode # 41-141 "Buster's Guide to Dating" has more careful animation and less of the rubbery movements.
    Episode # 58-158 "Buster's Guide to Goofing Off" shows the ADHD rubber band animation.

    I was just wondering why the animation flip-flopped like that? I'm definitely not criticizing the show...I adore it. I just wondered from a precocious 10 year old standpoint. Was it a callback to "1930's Ub Iwerks/Merrie Melodies" type animation? I like to think of it that way. ;)

    Thanks Tom! :)

  17. The footage/episodes in question were animated by Glen Kennedy and Kennedy cartoons -- Glen and crew animtaed a number of eps in season #1 of Tiny Toons -- and the Buster dance was an offshoot of some dance animation he created for the "Scooby Song Romps" in the 1987-1989 series "A Pup Named Scooby Doo."