Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plucky Duck as BatDuck in "Tiny Toon Adventures"

Here's a production cel from the Tiny Toons episode entitled "The Just-Us League of Supertoons," written by Paul Dini and directed by Byron Vaughns.  

Pictured from left to right:  that's Fifi as Scentanna, Buster as Superbunny, Plucky as BatDuck, Babs as Wonder Babs, Little Beeper as Dasher, Calamity Coyote as Keen Arrow,  and Sweetie as Pink Canary.  

This particular cel is owned by my good friend Captain Charles Clarke. 


  1. i remember this episode was hilarious.

  2. Mmm - BatDuck, eh? If it was Bugs could call it "BatBugs" ;-) you can think of too many parodies...

  3. Funny you post this, I just heard on a thread on toonzone, that WHV has plans to finish releasing Tiny Toon Adaventures on DVD!

  4. Tom:
    Saw the sad news about Bobby. Brought back lots of memories of Metuchen. Today I was looking at some of your Tiny Toons Cartoons as I am putting together our Track Team Slide Show and still have a copy of your cartoon for our old team cover. If you do read this, send me an email: trackmanpete at I see that you still have a track connection...:-)

    Your old coach,

    Pete Schuder

  5. Hi Pete

    Very glad to hear from you! Have emailed to the address you listed above. You can reach me at John told me you are still competing. I ran a marathon at Disney World five years ago. I was happy to survive it. My wife, Annie Malley -- we married in 2006 -- has run 14 marathons...most here in the states, but a few overseas as well.

    More in the email!


  6. So this is where Paul Dini got his start... can't say I'm suprised. XD

  7. You may enjoy seeing my large collection of cels from TTA and other 90's WB cartoons. Yes, I think you can conclude that I really like TTA.

  8. Paul started working in animation as a writer in 1980

  9. have you imagined recently Rita the cat singing "you raise me up"? if not, just listen to the song by "Celtic Woman", close your eyes and imagine her singing it: