Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Information from "Histeria!" -- by Bob Doucette

This stunning portrait of Miss Information was painted by the producer of  the Histeria television series, Bob Doucette.   You can see more of Bob's brilliant artwork at  

Miss Information was Histeria's tour guide through history.  The role was performed by the hilarious comedienne and voice over artist Laraine Newman.    If you want to see and hear Laraine in action, you'll find her impressive list of credits at .


  1. *whistles* Stay together, people.

    According to her page, looks like she was also Baby Doll from BTAS. If you ever see Laraine again, tell her she knocked that ending scene out of the park.
    "I didn'"

  2. I didn't know she was the voice of Baby Doll. That's awesome! :)

    I totally remember watching Histeria! religiously when I was 8/9. Miss Info's role in the show was brillant. :)

    I especially loved the Apollo 13 episode where she and the tourist are aboard the spaceship with the A13 crew. That was loads of fun. XD

  3. Jeremy, that particular episode, "Histeria Goes to the Moon," aired on July 20, 1999, the 30th anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, July 20, 1969. (IMDB does not have the correct premiere date for this episode.)

  4. Wow! That's amazing. I definitely remember watching that episode that year-- I guess I didn't know it was on that exact same day.

    I think when I first watched it, it was when my bro brought over our old 90s portable tv set so we could watch Kids WB! when we went to family meetings in that year.

    I wish some lucky youtube user could upload it someday.

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  6. Hellooooo Miss Info!

    It's amazing how many talented people worked on these shows at Warner Brothers.

  7. I agree. Bob is among the most talented.