Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Premiere of Platypus Duck -- Part 2

In "The Premier of Platypus Duck" cartoon, after the duck-billed platypus family is established, a flood comes along and carries off the platypus mom.  Thus begins the search for the missing "platypus duchess" by the dad and two sons.  

The image above is taken from the POV of a drain pipe which proves to be the method by which the three platypi find a path to the big city.  This particular scene was one of the most complicated to execute and shoot.  The circle matte moved across the screen from right to left, while the platypi walked through the wooded scenery from left to right.  

I particularly like the woodcut look of this background.  


  1. Nice teaser image, do you plan on uploading the short?

  2. that is the plan -- but first must make sure I get a good transfer to digital

  3. I love how it's set against black, is it really like that in the cartoon? It gives it a cool mood.

  4. Black was my fall-back backdrop color...used throughout...but certainly not exclusively. Other colors certainly get involved...

    Of course, during shooting, black backgrounds pick up and reveal the most dust

  5. I love it. It reminds me of Jeff Smith's Bone, or Walt Kelly's Pogo. It seems like a great short with lovely artwork.