Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Tiny Toon Adventures" Quiz #2 -- The Voice Actors -- 1990

Can you name the actors in this photo and the roles they played on "Tiny Toon Adventures"?   That's voice director Andrea Romano, bottom left, and me, bottom right, but everyone else is a member of the vocal cast.   Name the Tiny Toon characters and the wildly talented voice actors who played them!    


  1. I'm a little hazy when it comes to remembering faces (or names, actually), but I'm very sure I can pinpoint:

    - Tress MacNeille (Babs Bunny)
    - Charlie Adler (Buster Bunny)
    - Cree Summer (Elmyra)
    - Joe Alaskey (Plucky Duck)
    - Don Messick (Hamton Pig)
    - Candi Milo (Sweetie Bird)
    - Frank Welker (Furball)

    Just off the top of my head - and I didn't even rely on Google Search either!

  2. Well done.
    The names of four great actors remain!

  3. I think the blonde on the right, second row, is Kath Soucie (Fifi le Lume and Little Sneezer)

  4. Nice photo of Don Messick, Tom.

    Chris S., isn't a certain M. LaMarche here, too?

  5. Kurtis: Right you are...far right, center row, that's the lovely and multi-talented Kath Soucie.

    Don: Yeah, I love Candi Milo giving it up for one of her heroes, Don Messick. Nice moment. Don was one of the nicest people on the planet...and one of the true titans and legends of cartoon voices. At a recording session, I did once hear Don overlap the voice of Scooby and Scrappy -- honestly -- both voices came out of his mouth at the same moment. We had said that we'd need to overlap their dialog in post, and he said, "Don't bother."

    His Hamton was the single genuinely nice character in the Tiny Toons series...which fit perfectly for Don.

    And yes, of course, far left, middle row, that's the very funny and very talented Maurice LaMarche, AKA the Brain, Squit, and Dizzy Devil.

  6. And in the front row, in-between Andrea and Tom, posits Cree Summer Franck, the voices of both Elmyra and Mary Melody.

  7. And if I'm not mistaken, the kid standing behind Cree is Danny Cooksey [Montana Max].

  8. Yes, all correct. And that leaves the name and role of the great and funny actress in the back row, far right...who knows the answer?

  9. I guess it has to be Gail Matthius.

    Looking up photos of her now, the smile and cheekbones seem to match, but the hair style and color... heck this was just out of the 1980s!

  10. Yes, Keeper! That's Gail Mathias! Well done!