Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were #2: "The Trio of Triumph" Bible

Below is the preliminary "series bible" created for "The Trio of Triumph."  I worked on this with John Ludin, Scott Jeralds and Alfred Gimeno at Hanna-Barbera back in the late 80's.  Earl Kress and Wayne Kaatz had some input as well.  We'd leave this document behind after pitching the show concept to network execs. 

The words and drawings are circa 1987.  The color, for the most part, is new... 


  1. I always wondered what a "cartoon bible" was. This answers the question!

  2. If the series had been bought, this "bible" would have been expanded to include additional information about the characters, setting, types of stories, so that the artists and writers who come to work on the show would have an easy reference guide.

  3. As an example, here's a more expanded style bible from Animaniacs, dated 1991.

  4. Wow....literally blown away by all that I have seen and read here. Would have been super cool to have seen this developed into a series, even a short-lived one, just to see how it would have turned out. Thanks for sharing! =D

    Just a mite curious too, Tom, had this been expanded, would there have been any consideration for other HB characters to pop up as part of the episodes - similar to Treasure Hunt?

  5. Chris: Yes, the plan, even at this early stage, was to have supporting roles played by Yogi, Baba Looey, Snagglepuss and Augie Doggie.

  6. Wow. I always thought El Cabong would go Crimefighting.

    Now I know where Ram-boo-boo came from. lol And I thought Robot Chicken created him...

    Still, this is really neat, Mr. Ruegger. :)

  7. This may be my favourite HB team-up yet. When I saw them in the Treasure Hunt episode, I nearly lost my lunch with mirth.
    "Booster boots on..."
    * explosion *
    "... booster boots off."