Monday, September 12, 2011

Animaniacs Temporary Tattoos #8

A double dose of with a 'doo from another era.   I think disco had been finished for at least a decade before these temporary tatoos were marketed.   

Along with the two Dots:  Skippy's review of "Cowboys & Aliens."   


  1. ^^Did you not like the movie?


  2. Why did Skippy say "Spew" anyway? Were you trying to start a new slang word?

  3. Primary reason: It's a funny word...

    "Spew" suggests disgust to the point of wanting to barf.

    It makes sense for a kid (like Skippy) to say it and like saying it. The word is just a tiny bit edgy, but crosses no lines. Kids like to see how far they can go with what they can say.

    Also, considering that Slappy pushed the envelope a lot, Skippy had many opportunities to express his disgust by saying "Spew."

    That's why Skippy said "Spew."