Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animaniacs Temporary Tattoos #10

This one of Dot reminds me of a grade-school Valentine's Day card.   

As for Pinky, he looks like he has been pondering the mysteries of the universe and has come up with an enigma inside a burrito.  


  1. The Dot one reminds me of a caption I added to some promotional art that I got for the second Animaniacs DVD set (Warners had gotten some marketing company to send a bunch of artwork to anyone who had an Animaniacs web site in hopes that they'd use something to promote the DVDs, so I did).

  2. Oh whoops. Make that for the 3rd DVD set.

    And funny... Blogspot must think I'm Newt, for my verification word on that post was "minknab"!

  3. And Wakko looks like he's about to eat the burrito.

    2007, so we're waiting more than 5 years already :(