Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Histeria Family Portrait

It's seriously funny,
The baby's nose is runny,
The show cost lots of money,
It's called Histeria!

It's filled with jokes and humor,
And this is just a rumor,
The baby made a boomer,
On Histeria!

The cast is pretty goony,
And every afternoony,
It's history that's looney,
On Histeria!


  1. photo taken shortly after the show's cancelation? :c

  2. This show was the only Ruegger-produced series that didn't have a set-in-stone theme song -- instead there were two standbys and several variations. Which theme was your favorite?

    And was that boomer ever confirmed?

  3. Of the two long main title themes: I think I preferred the one with the Sousa music. Richard Stone preferred the one with his own theme music.

    I liked the other main title tunes a lot. Loved the Saturday Night Live parody, and the I Spy parody. So many others!

  4. I've just recently watched a few episodes online and I like Histeria. I can't get the theme song out of my head. :)
    Hmmm...Father Time, Miss Information, the World's Oldest Woman, Pepper Mills, Toast, Loud Kiddington (probably my fave character), Froggo, and Big Fat Baby (why is he shaped like an egg?). Did I leave anyone out?

  5. Big Fat Baby's shape -- I dunno -- I just drew him that way, on vacation, for the entertainment of my kids on a rainy day, and he was fun to squash, so I kept him that way.

    There's a dreary-voiced girl named Charity Bazaar, and a sassy gal voiced by Cree Summers named Aka Pella. The dog is named Fetch.

  6. Not every cast member is in this portrait. Lucky Bob, Cho Cho, Aka Pella, Pule Howser, Lydia Karaoke are among those missing. But all are members of the Histeria "family."