Monday, August 16, 2010

6 Dogs


  1. Are they all characters you're using?

  2. Here is the story, of a dog named Pooky,
    And his friends, who do not have a name.
    They were made, by a man, who's named Ruegger,
    And this man, just might be insane (just kidding)
    You are noow, reading the blog cartoonatics!

    This is a satire, of a song

  3. I like it! :) The 5th one (center of bottom row) kind of reminds of Exile from Road Rovers.

  4. I'm pretty sure that IS Exile from "Road Rovers."

  5. Gosh, Luke, you're reminding me of a parody of the Brady Bunch theme I wrote about Animaniacs -- long before they actually did one in "Acquaintances".

    I wonder if I can remember it...

    No, I can't, but I found it in a dusty old folder on my hard drive which hasn't had any use since 1996!

    Here's the story
    Of three kids named Warner
    Who lived on a Burbank movie lot
    First there is Yakko
    Then his brother, Wakko
    And here's their sister, Dot

    Here's the story
    Of a guard named Ralph
    He chased them but never had any luck
    They'd confuse him
    They would elude him
    And then they'd run amuck

    Then the CEO told Dr Scratchansniff
    "De-zanitize them or you will get the sack!"
    So he tries to
    Helped by his nurse
    And now you know the plot of Animaniacs!
    Yes, now you know
    The plot of An-


    Ooh, and I found this one I wrote at about the same time, set to the Beverly Hillbillies theme, with notes I wrote as I went along and realized I didn't quite know how the whole tune went:

    Come listen to my story of the Warner Brothers
    They ran around the lot with their Warner Sister
    But then one day after dropping Cagney's trousers
    They were locked away in a yellow water tower
    Jailed, that is
    For sixty years

    [ugh, I don't remember how the second verse goes, so I'm flying blind here]

    Then one day Wakko started feeling queer
    So Yakko said, "Kin, let's get outta here!
    In a studio is where we oughta be!"
    So they broke free with Dot and got a show on TV
    Television, that is
    The boob tube
    Cathode rays

    [Yeah, that first line is a reference to the "i have proof" post.
    Hey, I needed something to rhyme with `here' which mentioned one of
    Yakko's siblings!]

    [Anyway, let's see if I can do the ending bit.]

    And now you can see them nearly each and ev'ry day
    'Til a later time when it'll be just once per week, they say
    So be sure to get them all on tape now while you have the chance
    And always keep baloney stuffed down ev'ry pair of pants
    Y'all stay tooned now, hear?


    Ah, fun times.

  6. Yes! A post with some calories! Thanks, Keeper!

  7. Amazing, Keeper! : )
    Do I wish I would have had the chance to get them on tape... ^^'
    *sigh* I hope they release Volume 4 soon :(