Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were #2 -- "Mixed Nutz" -- Part 2

More images from my 2008 pitch to Warner Bros. for a new animated TV series starring not only the Looney Tunes but the Hanna-Barbera stars as well:  "Mixed Nutz."

In "Mixed Nutz," Yogi's pic-a-nic basket filching has brought him fame as "the world's most successful moocher."  He travels the globe giving seminars on pan-handling, like a grifter-version of  Tony Robbins.  Above:  When Yogi overstays his welcome at Bugs' Malibu beachfront home, the rabbit gives the bear a nudge toward the door.  

I kept Daffy and Porky together as a team for this parody of "The Terminator."  Rosey the Robot returns from the future to prevent Daffy from screwing up the world.

In the southwest, El Kabong is hired by the Highway Patrol to put the kibosh (and the "kabong") on the freeway speeder...the Roadrunner.

(I do so love El Kabong's rope from nowhere.)

More to come... 


  1. How dare Warner Brothers not keep up this great concept for a show, in fact i'm pretty sure a similar idea used to be cartoon network commercials. and with such writing talents as you guys making it? Warner Brothers made a pretty darn bad decision cancelling this project in my opinion, i just hope that Vulture show survives ;)

  2. The "Looney Tunes" and Hanna-Barbera universes really work well together, don't they?