Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were # 2 -- "Mixed Nutz" (2008) -- Part 5 -- Taz Vs. Yakky Doodle

Taz meets his match in the form of a loquacious little duck -- Yakky Doodle -- in this segment from "Mixed Nutz," the animated series I pitched to Warner Bros. that combined the Looney Tunes characters with Hanna-Barbera's cartoon stars.  

Taz seriously considers drastic options when trapped on a cargo plane with a fellow passenger who will not stop talking


  1. I'm imagining the Yakky Doodle theme with Taz's vocalizations in place of Yakky Doodle's. It works.

  2. The little angel (Yakky Doodle) and the devil (Taz).

  3. good title...The Angel & the Devil

  4. The Angel & The Devil...
    It reminds me of the lyrics from the song Warm ride ("..is the angel on you and the devil on me..."), composed by The Bee Gees and recorded by the group Rare Earth for Motown Records in 1978.