Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were #2 -- "Mixed Nuts" -- Part 9 -- Yogi with Daffy and Taz

More images from "Mixed Nutz" (2008), the animated TV series I proposed to Warner Bros. that would have teamed up Looney Tunes characters with Hanna-Barbera stars.

In "Mixed Nutz," Yogi was cast in a starring role... and his laid back demeanor would prove to be a source of great frustration for Daffy.

In this segment (above) from "Mixed Nutz," the Bugs/Daffy/Elmer "Hunting Season Trilogy" gets a new chapter during "Bear Season."  

Even Yogi can learn a few lessons about the consumption of edible goodies when Taz makes an unscheduled stop at Jellystone Park.
More to come...


  1. Bear Season - man, I like that! Also a nice throwback to the earliest Yogi shorts before the Jellystone formula was set 8-)

    Also is it my imagination or is the Yogi drawing in the Taz image "new"? Can't recall seeing it anywhere else with the artwork presented so far.

  2. Yes! Yogi! My favorite (next to Huckleberry Hound, and Top Cat) speaking of which, will Top Cat make an appearence?

  3. I drew up/compiled the images for this back in 2008. I think the Yogi image is a mix of old and new.

    For Top Cat in "Mixed Nutz," see the April 24 blog entry.

  4. Hi Tom. My name is Nicholas. I'm a young kid. And I love the Mixed Nutz show. And I don't like the executives. They ruined the great idea of your show.

  5. Smarter than the average Tasmanian Devil.