Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gone To the Dogs #7


  1. I begin to see a grotesqully gross yet intelligently clever side to you, other words,I like the comic!

    And I love you're drawing style.

    BTW,there's this girl on DA who draws so close to the TMS entertainment's style of Animaniacs...go check her out (she from the Czech Republic)

  2. I'm enjoying the strip and I'm glad you're posting them frequently.

  3. Thanks Kevin...
    I appreciate the compliment...Coming from you, means a lot. I've enjoyed your blogs for quite a while. Beautiful stuff. (And it's nice to know a fellow fan of both Tex and Screwy Squirrel.)
    all the best,

  4. Huh, gross, yet amusing. My compliments to the artist ^_^.
    Please keep this strip going, i enjoy seeing a new one on a regular bassis (not to mention talking to its creator) Basicaly, it makes my day. :)

    Oh, so you're a fan of Tex too! Cool, he's probably my favorite cartoonist ever. I strive to write like him one day. I particularly enjoyed Symphony in Slang myself.

  5. Garfield, but with a beagle instead of an obese cat.

  6. I think of him as a basset more than a beagle