Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gone to the Dogs #3


  1. This is very cute!

    On an unrelated note, I noticed and followed the link to one of your blog links -- about old photographs. How very cool!

    A couple years ago, I saw a postcard in Sutter Creek, Calif., where I go often for ragtime music events, which showed a photo from about 1885 of the front of the American Exchange Hotel and the side street beside it and the next building over. Well, all that looks identical today. It was spooky to look at this 125-year-old photograph but think, "Gosh, I was just standing there too."

    There are some really cool photos I've seen recently where people hold out an old photo at the location, and take a picture of it, framing the old photo perfectly to make it a "window in the past" next to the modern-day scene visible around it. That's probably the single coolest thing I've seen online in years.

    There's a whole Flickr group called "Looking into the Past" devoted to such photos --

  2. Haha,the first one "UNCLEAN UNCLEAN!"

    Funny how the other dog is disgusted by something like that, he's not so brainless as one might expect.