Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Nurse and Dr. Scratchansniff

As they appear in the Animaniacs full-color main model line-up, circa 1993:  Hello Nurse and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff.  


  1. Loved Scratchansniff. If I may ask Mr. Ruegger, was he based on Dr. Strangelove? He has a similar voice and the same thick glasses too.

  2. Dr. Scratchansniff is in that same pose on the poster that Paul Rugg gave me. Only two times I've seen him look that worked up. Hello Nurse on the other hand, seems to be in her pose on everything, haha.

  3. Christopher GentileJune 15, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Scratchansniff was awesome. One of my favorites, which I think derived from his wonderfully distinct and somewhat easily duplicable accent. Like Freakazoid, the more I could be like one of your characters (e.g., running around with my arms in the air), the more I gravitated toward them.

    Though, do you think you could even create this duo today? Compared to other contemporary cartoons for this target audience, Scratchansniff is quite overt in his desire for Nurse. Characters like Scratchansniff have a great tradition, beginning with Looney Tunes (the howling wolf), though it definitely seems like they're dying out.

    Scratchansniff may have been the last of his kind. I hope not. R.I.P.!

  4. Early models and cels of Animaniacs are quite rare.
    I heard that Dan Haskett had done some models for Tiny Toon and Animaniacs. Didn't he?
    In fact, model sheets of Animaniacs are untraceable. I cannot find any.

  5. Yann
    Dan Haskett did indeed draw some Animaniac model/pose sheets...and I just found some of those early this week in the files. Will post a sample now.

  6. Rob Paulsen was brilliant at playing Dr. Scratchandsniff. From Yakko, Pinky, and now Dr. Scratchandsniff. Jeez!

  7. Brilliant
    next Friday night at the Jon Lovitz comedy theater at Universal City Walk, Rob and Randy Rogel are performing songs from Animaniacs.