Saturday, June 16, 2012

Animaniacs Pose Sheet by Dan Haskett

Here's an Animaniacs pose sheet of Wakko and Dot by Dan Haskett, one of the great animation artists who worked on the series. 

This batch of drawings comes from 1992, a year before the series aired, when Wakko did not yet have the whiskers added to his cheeks.  Dan joined other huge talents like Rich Arons, Ken Boyer, Lynn Naylor, Barry Caldwell, Alfred Gimeno and many others to bring life to the early inspirational drawings of Yakko, Wakko and Dot and the other Animaniacs cast members.


  1. These are just fantastic! I'm jealous right now! :D

  2. That's funny.
    I have three copy of pose sheets by Dan Haskett dated from 8 June 1992 revised with whiskers.
    This include Wakko and dot.
    This include also the revised version of the picture you have posted.

  3. Dan Haskett is one of my favorite animation artists of all time. Thanks for posting these, and please keep 'em coming!

    1. You probably won't see this because it's a very late response, but I love your work. You were actually one of the reasons I began watching Animaniacs (in your Making of "Monkey Rag" video, you have a Yakko mug. It got me interested in the show). So thank you for that, and for your amazing work. :)

  4. I had some of these pre-whiskers poses, on my Amiga way back when. Some of them had "empty" eyes too, as I recall. I do have a few now like this one, but none as old as the ones I had on the old computer. But I don't have any as high-res as this of course, as they were low-res scans back in the days before broadband!

  5. Dan's great. I always liked his animation segments he did for "Sesame Street" including the famous cat trying to open the catfood can short.

  6. Hey Tom! I wanted to say that Wakko's US Capital song is one of the most watched on which, is not surprising its a great song :)