Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spider-Man: the Musical Video

Here's a music video written and performed by Cody Ruegger, and filmed and edited by Nate Ruegger.

It lampoons the current Broadway musical "Spider-Man:  Turn Off the Dark" as well as that show's composer, Bono of U2.

Spider-Man:  the Musical Video...enjoy!


  1. Made my day ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is an actual excerpt from Oprah's interview with Julie Taymor, producer of "Turn Off The Dark."

    Oprah: "Listen, I don't care butkus about Spider-Man and I've called four people already. After I saw your show, I dreamed of flying for the first time in three years."
    Julie Taymor: "That's beautiful."

    If you ever wonder why some people can't stand Oprah, everything you need to know is right there.

  3. Well, there are a number of reasons Oprah gets on my nerves, you just added one to my list, oh, thanks by the way.

    This is hilarious, sadly, but true.

  4. I must admit that I'm not up on the latest Spider-Man finer points...but a musical? What is this? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

    From casual observation, it seems fairly clear that the die hard core fan base for Spider-man is not the same audience regularly attending Broadway musicals. I'm just sayin'.

    The Ruegger music video's pretty hilarious.

  5. I've actually seen SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK, and I must say, the first half was really good (probably because it followed the comics closely).

    The second half, on the other hand, actually becomes PETER PARKER: THE MUSICAL. Spider-Man is only in it for 5 minutes!

    This song accurately depicts the feelings I (and I'm sure many other people) had when the show ended NOT with Spider-Man swinging around the theatre as expected, but a quick dialogue scene, and...

    That's it!

    Why is Julie Taymor famous again?

    Speaking of which, why wasn't the Lion King (musical, not the movie) parodied on one of your shows? The possibilities are endless!

  6. "The Lion King" movie was famously parodied on "Animanaics" in "The Tiger Prince," a beautiful and elaborate musical number that roughly approximates the opening of the movie...As all the wild jungle animals of the continent gather to pay tribute to the newborn tiger, Yakko plays the role of the baboon who holds up the tiger prince. But he drops the cub by mistake. It's a long fall. Yakko watches the descent, then winces, and says: "I thoughts cats were always supposed to land on their feet."

    I believe that's how season three began.

  7. Just checked my old "Animaniacs Handy Episode Manual". Not how the season began (that was with a bit also by Peter Hastings: "Previously on Animaniacs"), but it did cold open the fifth episode of season three, #74.

  8. I've seen "the Tiger Prince," but I was wondering if the musical (with the giant animal masks and bizarre scenery) was ever parodied, or did it come too late in the show's run.

    And just to say, that song was one of the best things I've seen all day! I hope Nate and Cody do another music video!