Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Animaniacs Movie Poster #2 : "The Road to Bohemia"

In the late 90's, we worked up a bunch of different feature film concepts for "Animaniacs."  Then Bob Doucette drew preliminary movie posters for some of the more promising ideas.  

Various elements from "The Road to Bohemia" found their way into the feature-length "Animaniacs" cartoon that we ultimately made:  "Wakko's Wish."


  1. This is great stuff. What's inside Dot's crystal ball? lol

    Also, random question, but are you allowed to look at other people's artwork, such as my own?

  2. Well, since my eyesight remains good, there is nothing preventing me from looking at virtually anything, although staring at the sun is probably a no-go.

    I can look at art. I guess people are often reluctant because it opens up the possibility of someone having his or her drawings or ideas ripped off.

    I have been drawing most of my life, so I have drawn lots of different characters, animals and humans. So, for example, if you had a bunch of birds drawings, and you had me look at them, then next year you saw I was working on a bird cartoon, you might think I had taken some ideas from you. This is the problem that arises now and then when one is asked to review the artwork of others.

    Anyway, the answer is yes, I do look at the artwork, and can offer comments when asked, but I'm not always comfortable doing it. If the work is excellent, I am always pleased to see it. If the work is okay, I sometimes don't know what to say. If the work is novice, I usually offer words of encouragement. But I'm not sure the artist benefits from any of it, since artwork and what's pleasing to one's eye is very subjective.

  3. Well, since you commented on the subject, I would be honored if you look at these drawings of Woody the Woodpecker I drew. Sorry if they're hard to see (I hope they aren't hard to look at.) I messed up on some things, like some lines.

  4. Ahh, I see; I can understand why one artist, maybe even my self, would be concerned about plagarism.

    I guess I could start out with my drawings of pre-existing characters (Launchpad McQuack from Ducktales and Darkwing Duck for example).

    Does that sound helpful?

  5. To Luke: Am unable to see them.
    To JerRocks2day:Helpful to whom?

  6. I suspect this is not the right forum to review artwork, to comment on artwork.

    Will try to come up with an alternate plan for reviewing artwork in the near future.

  7. Why are Yakko and Dot's earrings on the sides and not on their ears?