Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The 25th Anniversary of "ANIMANIACS"

It's time to celebrate!

And to think, it all started with three lunatics escaping from a water tower.  


  1. Hurray! You are one of my heroes, Tom. Animaniacs is awesome! Made a great childhood (and Tiny Toons is my most beloved franchise ever. Babs is my favourite character of all times)

  2. Actually, I think you'll find that the 25th anniversary of Animaniacs started with the passage of time reaching the thirteenth of September, A.D. 2018. A date that will live in calendars. And the best-before labels of various foodstuffs.

    And yet this post was made before September 13!

    I blame time-zones. For no one really knows how non-dairy powdered creamer works... and no one really knows how time-zones work either.
    You see... there once was a man from Nantucket, who kept all his cash in St. Paul.
    When he travels in the airport,
    there's no clocks upon the wall —
    They've been replaced with video screens
    that hardly work at all!
    And you'll miss your flight no matter what you do.

    The International Date Line's
    Got much record-keeping heft:
    The Sun (from my view) moves across
    the sky from right to left;
    And if you can't keep track of it,
    You might end up bereft
    Of any sense of time and tide at all.

    Well, the Moon makes the tide
    Waters slide from side to side,
    And if you drink it you'll get really sick and die!

    But the water cycles 'round, sending rain upon the ground
    refreshing what's found in your garden...
    Coral bells and columbine, and blue-eyed grass and grapes for wine;
    Poppies all the rage, & half a dozen kinds of sage,
    In an L.A. County garden!

    It seems that there are way too many spiders,
    A hundred-fifty million butterflies and bees!
    But there's only one of you, you freaky weirdo
    —like that half-hour time-zone out in Newfoundland!

    ...Except there's Sri Lanka, and French Polynesia, and Myanmar, and also Iran,
    As well as Nepal, and the Chathams and all of India, Afghanistan!
    De-zanitized, Monkey Song, Yakko's World, Bumbie's Mom, Hooked on a Ceiling, Fair Game;
    H.M.S. Yakko, The Senses Song, Wakko's New Gookie, Win Big, and the Flame.
    Republic Dominican, Papua New Guinea 'n'
    Saint Kitts and Nevis, Oman !

    ...And now it's time...
    for Animaniacs!

    (Those're mostly facts!)

    -David "And as for the bucket — well, your guess is as good as mine" Green