Sunday, June 1, 2014

"THE 7D": The Voice Actors, Part 1

The 7D cast back when we did the pilot a couple of years ago.  That's Sleepy (Stephen Stanton), Doc (Bill Farmer), Bashful (Billy West), Grumpy (Maurice LaMarche), Happy (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Sneezy (Scott Menville).  That's me in the middle crashing the lower photo.  For the series, Dee Bradley Baker joined the cast as Dopey.  (Dee is on the far right, below.)     

Scott Menville, Maurice LaMarche, Kevin Michael Richardson, Billy West, Stephen Stanton, Billy Farmer, Dee Bradley Baker

In front, on the left, that's the best voice director in the business, Kelly Ward.  We're lucky to have him directing The 7D.  That's Kevin Michael Richardson next to Kelly.  In back:  Dee Bradley Baker, Scott Menville, Billy West, Stephen Stanton and me.

Additional members of our cast will be featured in the next post. 


  1. This is cool. A little surprised one of them wasn't Rob Paulsen. :P

  2. Babs bunny is such a popular cartoon rabbit she's a non stop hyperactive bunny I have a question about babs in the Christmas special what did she really mean about buster as her boyfriend? and I really want to know if you were planing a 4th season in the 90s of tiny toons featuring buster and babs a little bit more closer then before were you planing something knew for them or what was your idea for the bunny couple after the Christmas special?and the hole thing of buster giving a kiss to babs for the first time wow didn't see that coming did he really after that kiss and after what he has been threw he finally found that special loving felling to babs? can you please answer my questions because wow I haven't seen these cartoons almost 16 years ago and I really hoped someday I can finally ask you these questions o and I almost forgot who was the insperacion of babs bunny? Call me cookie but what can I say I adore your work and Iam learning how to be a cartoonist! Thank you and please answer my questions! Thanks again!

  3. I think you mentioned you recorded the pilot in 2011. But when did you start record the series.

  4. Started recording mid-2012 and finished pre-recording start of 2014.

  5. I thought Kelly was a girl. Now I know.

    -- Possible from Scoobypedia