Friday, September 13, 2013

"Animaniacs" 20th Anniversary: Sept. 13, 1993 -- Sept 13, 2013

Happy 20th Anniversary to Animaniacs, to all its fans, and to all who made it possible!







  1. Hurray for Animaniacs! The African explorer— oh, wait, no, that's someone else. But three cheers and one cheer more anyway!

    I would be remiss not to plug the Animaniacs Twentieth Anniversary Special!!!!! (exclamation marks optional), which as it happens also came out this very [yester]day, Sept. 13, 2013. How's that for a coincidence?!

    Incidentally, the drumming gag from "Where Rodents Dare" as pictured in one of the cels above was one of the very first bits of Animaniacs that I saw, and got me hooked on the show. That and the Jetsons ref from "Space Probed".

    Thanks to everyone who made such a great show.

    -David "Animani-
      Totally insaney,
        Decades twainy —
          Animaniacs!" Green

    1. AMEN!!!! What else can I say? You guys have created a show from whence fond memories and fan fiction come. Oh, and lest I forget, Thank you, Tom, for not only co-writing the memorable theme song to the show, but for uttering the magic words, "What if...?" in connection with writer and story board artist Tom Minton and Eddie Fitzgerald! To paraphrase Max Bialystock, Worlds are CONQUERED on such thoughts!

      Thankfully Tom is nicer than Brain, and Eddie seems as adorably wacky as Pinky!

      Past that, I think David (Decades Twainy~ Good one!!) Green said it all. THANKS, ALL!!!

  2. Loved the Animaniacs! If done by the same writers and put on a network like Fox who will not try to soften their humor. I would love to see a revival.

  3. Thank you for Animaniacs, and making weekday afternoons the best they could be. Daytime TV has paled in comparison since.

    If you're interested in seeing the Animaniacs premiere from a viewer's perspective in the target audience, here's a recent review I wrote of one of the first broadcasts of the show, complete with ads.

  4. A belated congratulations to all who worked on Animaniacs on it's 20th anniversary :)

  5. This is where you announce some unknown plan to release something like an Animanaics movie.... Isn't it?

  6. And of course, there's this blog that I've been working on since April...

  7. I love cartoons, i love your blog!

  8. Thank you for all the laughs and joy that you guys brought us. It's hard to believe that Animaniacs is 20 years old. You guys are awesome, and I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful show.

  9. Those cels look beautiful! I wish Warner released the series on blu-ray, but that's just a stupid never to happen wish :c

  10. Thanks for making Animaniacs! Could you possibly bring them back just so they can experience the 21st century plz?