Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yakko Portrait


  1. Rob Paulsen is one of the greatest voice actor ever, but who were the other choices for the role of Yakko?

  2. For me there were none. I actually stacked the deck and sent Steven several auditions by Rob so that the odds increased for Rob being chosen. (The auditions were sent in without names attached...just numbers.) For Yakko, Rob created a new voice that imbued Yakko with a touch of Groucho, a bit of Bugs, a good dose of teenage kid, plus a younger sweet kid as well as a total weisenheimer kid. If you listen carefully, in the first few cartoons produced, Rob played Yakko a bit more nasal, but as the character and he grew and meshed together, Rob removed much of the nasal and just blasted off to Yakkoland.