Friday, November 30, 2012

Editorial Cartoons -- The Bulldog's Bark -- Metuchen High -- Winter/Spring 1971

More cartoons from Metuchen High School's Bulldog's Bark.  

Here's the cartoon that accompanied a smart and insightful editorial by MHS senior David Welkowitz, from the January 29, 1971 issue.  

Caricatures from left:  Diane Ziemer, followed by Pete Carney and Pat Bailey.

Perhaps the funniest of all the editorial cartoons I drew for the Bulldog's Bark,  here's one that appeared in print after a series of bomb scares at the school.  I'm sort of surprised they printed it.  

April 13 1971, The Bulldog's Bark,  Metuchen High School

This next one didn't get printed as originally planned.  I don't remember what my original caption was, but the day before publication it was deemed "inappropriate."  My caption was whited-out and a new one was scratched in by the editor.  I think the editorial was something about loosening the rules and having a more "open" campus.   That's a caricature of Vice Principal Timothy Lear (not Leary) on the left, and I suspect he may have had a voice in the change of caption. 

May 21 1971,  The Bulldog's Bark,  Metuchen High School

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  1. Heck, in the '70s, a lot of graduating seniors dispensed with the cap and gown, but what they exhibited definitely was disruptive...