Sunday, September 23, 2012

"The Jetsons" 50th Anniversary -- "His Boy Elroy" Cel

Happy 50th Anniversary to "The Jetsons," Hanna-Barbera's futuristic answer to the prehistoric Flintstones.   The show premiered on ABC at 7:30 PM on Sunday September 23, 1962.  

Here's my one cell from "The Jetsons" -- and it's from the Main Title as George drops off Elroy at school.   I bought this one at a little art store on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City back in the 80's.   I had Bill and Joe sign it for me a few years back.  

                                                              Meet George Jetson.
                                                                 His Boy Elroy.

And below is an image for a proposed series of Warner Bros./Hanna-Barbera mash-ups called "Mixed Nutz," where the Jetsons meet Marvin the Martian.  

Of course, Elroy was voiced by the one and only Daws Butler.


  1. I remember watching reruns as a child. They re-aired the series along with Flintstones on Cartoon Network during the day earlier this year, I don't think that they still do. Speaking of "Mixed Nuts'. Looney Tunes Show season two is approaching, and it appears that they brought back people from Laff - Riot' this season.

    We miss you on toonzone by the way.

  2. Misplaced my user name and password for toonzone -- that's why I haven't posted.

  3. I think your username is just Tom Ruegger, can't help you with your password =)

  4. Nice cel Tom. I love collecting artwork from cartoons especially from the main titles. I have a cel of the main title of Pinky & The Brain with it's matching drawing. It's a close-up of Pinky and Brain in their cage as the camera exits Acme Labs. I love it dearly. I caught a glimpse of pictures of cels from the Animaniacs main title at a WB animation exhibit in LA, too. I gasped. I drooled. I will more than likely never own one and that's something I will never get over. Haha!

  5. I don't think I own a cel from the Animanaics main title either...

  6. Congrats about The Jetsons's 50 anniversary.

    Still thinking about things to ask about Mixed Nuts, but to shed some light on a old rumor.

    Is it true that the only reason why you got TMS to work on your shows was because of how much Spielberg loved The Castle of Cagliostro (some people like Nobuo Tomizawa, Kazuhide Tomonaga and Atsuko Tanaka who worked on Cagliostro also worked on your's and Timm's shows as well), I have read that you guys needed a replacement for Encore after how badly they messed up and that none/most (and the only reason why I say "most of" is because Art Vitello (one of your own directors at the time) worked on Gummi Bears for them and Disney back in the 80's) of you know guys know who TMS was at the time and that Spielberg was the only one that know about them because of Cagliostro and got TMS to do Tiny Toons because of it.

    Care to put some light on the subject? If not that's ok, but you worked with Spielberg and the whole "Spielberg X Cagliostro" rumor needs to have some weight on it, if you know anything about this, please tell us.

  7. Steven had no involvement in the decision. We were in the market for another overseas production house before the problems with Encore became evident. Tom Minton knew that TMS was looking for working, and we all knew their work was good. Tom mentioned TMS's availability to me and Jean MacCurdy and we proceeded from there. I was a fan of Cagliotro. Sorry, but the "Spielberg X Cagliostro" rumor does not fit into the equation. Steven counted on us for all those sorts of decisions.