Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ANIMANIACS: "Smell Ya Later" with Jonathan Winters

Here's one of my favorite Slappy Squirrel cartoons, directed by Rich Arons and Lenord Robinson, written by Earl Kress and yours truly, and starring Sherri Stoner as Slappy, Nate Ruegger as Skippy, and guest starring Luke Ruegger as Bumpo Basset and the one-and-only comedy genius Jonathan Winters as Stinkbomb D. Basset.  

Bumpo and Stinkbomb D. Basset planning an attack on Slappy and Skippy Squirrel in "Smell Ya Later" from Animaniacs

 Watch "Smell Ya Later" here.

A major highlight of my career in cartoons was getting to work with Jonathan Winters -- and one of the highlights of being a dad was being able to introduce my sons to one of the greatest comedians of all time.   I am still thrilled that they had the chance to work alongside Sherri Stoner and Jonathan Winters in the same cartoon.  "Smell Ya Later" is one of my all-time favorite segments from Animaniacs


  1. I love "Smell Ya Later" as well; it's hilarious. It's great that you got so many great people to work on this show; your sons are incredibly lucky to meet so many talented people.

    While on the topic of favourite sketches, my all time favourite sketch of the Warners is "Meatballs or Consequences". Who voiced Death in that one?

  2. I believe that was Jess Harnell ...the voice of Wakko.

  3. Thanks Tom! Wow, Jess is talented.

  4. Yes he is -- and he was just cast in a new show I'm working on at Disney -- he's great.

    1. That's fantastic! I just want to say "thank you" for taking the time to reply to my posts. I really appreciate it.

  5. I especially like the Slappy Squirrel Cartoons. They have a particular humor. And this episode is beautifully animated by TMS.
    For having seeing a lot of original and dubbed cartoons, I can without doubt say that the original is always better.

  6. Thanks Tom! I just blogged a Slappy Squirrel cartoon at my blog during my Countdown to Halloween, Scare Happy Slappy!


  7. This just aired on the HUB the other day and thought about this post. Slappy's a favourite character of mine!