Thursday, January 12, 2012

Award Season Has Arrived!

And this year, just like every year...

...Mr. Skullhead waits for his nomination.  

He's been waiting quite a while.  He's starting to feel snubbed by the Academy.   Regardless of the fact that he hasn't appeared in any movies or TV shows this past year, Mr. Skullhead remains undaunted.  He knows his time will come. 

Until then, Skullhead can be reached at Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City, where he serves as the hotel's part-time  dog-walker, or via his publicist/personal manager/artist/creator/ and orthopedic cartoonist, Sherri Stoner. 


  1. He looks nothing like his mama.

  2. If I were a member of the Academy, I would SO give him an award.. posthumously, of course..

    Tom - Skullhead is one of the last cels I'm looking for. I have just about everyone else.. including Mime and Colin. :) Been looking a long time, like Skullhead's been waiting for his award.


  3. What is the origin of Skullhead? He appeared on Tiny Toons as the creation of Elmyra's imagination, then appeared on Animaniacs as the Good Idea, Bad Idea victim (so to speak)...but what was he meant for? Did he come up during brainstorming for the Elmyra's Family spinoff, or was he just something goofy that amused you guys and so you threw him into all your shows?

  4. Sherri Stoner created Mr. Skullhead. She writes: "I started drawing him when I was around 16 - I have several sketchbooks full of little cartoons I did with the hapless Mr. Skullhead."

    On "Tiny Toons," Sherri indicated that the skull in Elmyra's barrette was Skullhead, and he grew into his own franchise-sustaining character on "Animaniacs. Sherri and Mark Sweeney wrote many of the "Good Ideas/Bad Ideas" for Skullhead. As you know, Mr. Skullhead has one expression: stunned deadness. His limitations are part of what makes him funny. He's just bones you know. Sherri and Deanna Oliver wrote his theme song, which is likewise quite limited (intentionally so): "It's 'The Mr. Skullhead Show,' starring him, Mr. Skullhead, 'cuz it's the show that he has, Mr Skullhead."

  5. I've always liked Mr. Skullhead; although he doesn't speak, there's something charming about him. And I do agree that it's about time that he gets a nomination.