Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adventures in Advertising

Before I landed a job in animation, I lived in the New York area and pursued a career in advertising...for about six months.   After that didn't pan out, I moved to Los Angeles where Bill Hanna gave me a job as an assistant animator at Hanna-Barbera.  Thank you, Bill! 

During my brief time in pursuit of advertising, I took a test at McCann-Ericson -- a large ad agency at the time -- to get into their apprentice program.  Below is one of the pieces that I submitted for that test.  The client was Puerto Rican White Rum.   In retrospect, I guess the magazine ad I came up with would please neither the rum company executives nor their customers.   But I went with what I liked:  talking animals.  

I didn't get the job, which turned out to be a good thing.  After the advertising world passed, I was able to pursue my true goal...animation.  


  1. There must be room somewhere for a rum-swilling manatee.

  2. Especially one who has an account at a Big & Tall tux shop.