Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Cartoon Shows That Never Were: "Mixed Nutz" Part 17 -- Scoop Doggie Daddy and Petunia Pig

In "Mixed Nutz" (2008),  Doggie Daddy and son have become world-famous hip-hop artists:  namely, Augie Doggy and Scoop Doggie Daddy.  

Likewise, Petunia Pig has become a teen idol in the Britney Spears mold.  She's a top pop singer, a smoking dancer, and the hottest pig on the planet!  

More to come...


  1. It's JC, sorry but I had troubles posting here, so meanwhile I find the solution, I have to be "anonymous", nice crossovers ¿did you make them? ¿can you do a "crossover" with the warner brothers and sister with Frank West?

  2. maybe you are not familiar with Frank West's Universe too, but I'll explain: Frank West is the main character of Capcom's videogame saga: "Dead Rising".

    JC (Remember I have a problem with the ID in this forum, while I solve it, I will use "anonymous")